The Evergreen Fine Arts Festival

Running since 1966, the Evergreen Fine Arts Festival is coming into its 53rd year! Held in the Creative District of Evergreen, the local artist community has come together to put on a beautiful show for art lovers and collectors from the surrounding Denver area to enjoy the arts in the cool mountain air during the height of summer.

The 2014 festival was ranked in the Top 100 festivals by Art Fair Source Book. Our festival came in at number 46, directly behind 45th ranked Crested Butte Fine Arts Festival, and not way too far behind the Cherry Creek Fine Arts Festival, coming in at the 25th best fine art festival in the country. We must say thank you to our past festival director, Beth Erlund, for contributing to this recognition.

The Festival presents original artwork from a wide range of mediums – Sculpture, Painting, Wood, Photography, Jewelry, Glass, and other imaginative and creative work. We invite you to come out and enjoy our well-loved, mountain arts festival!