Artist Award Winners

Thanks to all of our outstanding artists and congratulations to the winners in the 2019 show.

2019 Artist Award Winners

The following artists will be invited automatically to the 2020 Evergreen Fine Arts Show.

Best in Show

Cindy Britan, 3D, Emerging Artist

Judges Comments:  Cindy’s highly animated ceramic sculptures are alive with personality, touched here and there with humor, and loaded with several tough emotions such as regret, loss, or angst.  Carefully presented as types without crossing over into tropes; they are engaging and sympathetic at a visceral level, but aloof in a way that demands respect.  They would be quite remarkable for an established artist but are simply amazing coming from an emerging one.

2D (Painting, Drawing, Mixed 2D)

Henry Blount, Painting – Acrylic & Oil, #87

Judges Comments:  Henry’s paintings are unusual and unexpected. Surreal slices of life in a world of imagination, whimsy, and perhaps even folly; Maybe a bit of danger as well.

3D (Metal, Sculpture, Mixed 3D)

Henry Bergeson, Mixed Media 3D, #74

Judges Comments:  Henry’s kaleidoscopes are like a treasured keepsake from the Victorian era. Pre-television entertainment that triggers imagination, stimulates the eyes, and delights the inner lover of all things gorgeous and pointless, yet immensely satisfying.


Nicole Copel, Clay, #81

Judges Comments:  Nicole’s functional ceramics are practical yet elegant, simple yet rich, thoughtfully designed, and obviously made with much love, skill, and craft.


Deborah Brawley, Functional Art, #112

Judges Comments:  Deborah’s children’s clothes are delightful, beautiful, multi-functional, carefully made, and REVERSIBLE!


Michelle Throne, Jewelry, #24

Judges Comments:  Michelle’s intimate sculptures, presented as wearable art, draw us into peaceful, rewarding vignettes of the world where today’s problems don’t exist and certainly aren’t important.

Photography (Photography, Digital Art)

Curtis Ghent, Photography, #86

Judges Comments:  Curtis’ photos are vivid recollections of moments as we would CHOOSE to remember them. Vivid color, dynamic compositions, intimate sizes. There is a super-real quality to them that gives us a sense of presence that verges on memory.

People’s Choice

Henry Blount, Painting – Acrylic & Oil, #87